Salon for decorative wallpaper

Nothing is perfect as such, perfection only arises when you find one difference.
We love everything we don’t understand, we love everything differently and we empower it with love… Such are our wallpapers that are ready to wait for someone to discover them and indulge in what they are wearing…

Freedom has never been tied to a common name because it is too dangerous when that same freedom becomes untamable. I am chased by the wind and wild horses in a painting by an artist… the artist who does not sign under his paintings for fear of the madness he leaves on them…
They didn’t give me a name, they were probably scared. The fear that the world is too boring and unromantic for me, that I am going to something where mistakes are promised. And I like to say again that nothing in life is a mistake except what you want to call… When you start the stories of such a girl, a black girl, who lives in the stanza of a song that is ordered at the fajront, then you have to go her way. In a way in which without the fifth element even the previous four would not be valid. And if someone ever finds me let them bring me back because life between the enchanted and the disappointed is hard if there is no difference.
And believe me, she told you everything with this, just read it again…

Wallpaper installation

When you want to bring someone back, try not to let it be between four ordinary white walls. Let there be a lot of butterflies, greenery and hummingbirds that only the one who lured them with love can close there.

Each individual can discern what the wallpaper is telling him, one way or another.
What not everyone can do is show all the functions of our wallpapers and what makes a wallpaper a wallpaper.

Thus, we single out acoustic wallpapers, shock-resistant wallpapers, eco wallpapers and our favorite water-resistant wallpapers, ie those that have a place in bathrooms, kitchens and pools.


And when you have everything, all you have to do is complete the story with stucco. And no, they not only have a decorative role in the space, but you will raise the space itself by connecting the wall and ceiling, and it is also possible to install indirect lighting. You can drop by to see what it looks like in space…


    As for the wallpaper, we start from 300 kuna per m2 and where we stop.
    The lineup, if you’ve already started, can be for nothing. Otherwise 70 kuna per m2.


    10 years of experience is behind us… 🙂


    Martićeva 67 / 3rd floor, free parking 🙂

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